Er valt hier helemaal niets te zeggen: zing!

deze liedjes zijn zeker de moeite waard! Maar zijn ze ook ik-ken-de-tekst-vanbuiten waardig of dit-speelt-in-mijn-hoofd-als-ik-een-beetje-rebels-doe waardig? Beslis zelf!

liedje Dé zin
Lemony Rug - Unpack your bags You give this place a reason, so unpack your bags and never leave
Love Frame Tragedy - 5150 I wanna hit the breaks but I hit the gas
Indy Angel - Move on. I didn't need you then, don't need you now
Girli - Friday Night Big Screen It is happing to me, this is life in a movie, you and me
Flobots - Handlebars And I can hit a target through a telescope
Enjune - Lost In The Woods Paint me a map, that leads me to you
Hope D - Swim Once I found who I was, I didn't tell a single soul because..